Buy Bulk Japanese Candy at Oyatsu Cafe

Buy Japanese Candy in Bulk

If you run a brick and mortar business or wish to buy our products in bulk, you can submit a wholesale order through OyatsuCafe.

Before beginning, please note:

Wholesale orders must include 20 of at least 5 items (100 items total). All customs, food regulation laws or any applicable import fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Due to the amount of countries we ship to, we are not responsible for any fees or taxes.

Shipment is by EMS Express only. This is due to reliable tracking, insurance and for the safety of your items.

Product lines and specific designs change regularly in Japan. If you want to order a specific package design, let us know in advance.

How it Works

1.Email us to with the following information:

Your Country.

Items wanted and quantity.

2. Once your email is received, we will confirm availability and provide a quote.

3. Once the order is paid we will order your items and have it shipped after approxtimately one week.

Contact us at if you have any questions!