Oyatsu Points Guide - Oyatsu Cafe

Oyatsu Points

Every time you make an order at Oyatsu Cafe, you get Oyatsu Points!

You can use your points to apply discounts to future orders or to exchange for free gifts.

You can earn and spend points on any of our sites - points carry between your account on each of our stores.

Occasionally we will have special offers to earn double points or bonus tasks to get points without purchases. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get updated as this happens.

How to use Oyatsu Point

Before checkout, go to the cart page. If you are logged in and have points, the option to apply Oyatsu Points will appear. You can enter points and the discount will automatically be applied to your order total.

If you have any questions about earning or using Oyatsu Points, please email us to sales@oyatsucafe.com.