OyatsuBox - October

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You earn 25 Oyatsu Cafe Point.
600 grams

OyatsuBox October was a massively popular box. It includes the brand new Kit-Kat – Daily Extravagance, a special version of Kit-Kat available only in Japan. It is inspired by the very luxurious Kit-Kats made at Nestle’s Chocolatory store in Tokyo.

Each box comes with everything you see here + a Japanese Gachapon (Capsule Toy).

1. Kit-Kat Daily Extravagance
2. Super Mario Pizza Chips
3. Shuwappu Grape
4. Karl Stick – Luxury Cheese
5. Greengrocer DIY Kit
6. Dragon Quest Fit’s – Slime Flavor
7. Tsundere Mont Gum
8. Umaibo Bites – Sugar Rusk
9. Puccho – World Apple
10. Japanese Gachapon (Capsule Toy)

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