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A totally awesome new Kracie Kit for summer of 2013, this time with an ocean theme! This Kracie kit allows you to make cute gummy candies in the shape of lots of different sea animals; you can create a dolphin, sea turtle, fish and crab, and theres even a larger mould ready for you to make a whale.

The instructions on the back of the pack are in Japanese but have easy to follow picture insructions also. The first step is to pour the two kinds of powders included into the different animal moulds. In the next step you pour water into the large tray and get your pipette ready. Next pick up the water with your pipette and squirt into the moulds. You will then see the powders transform into animal gummies before you eyes!

Each pack includes everything you need to create this wonderful and fun candy, and each pack weighs only 18 grams in total, perfect as an addition to an order or to ship cheaply! For now, this is a trial run Kracie DIY Candy Kit so it may not be around for long!

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