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Okinawa Snack Pack (Free Shipping)


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Okinawa is the Southern most island of Japan. With its tropical beaches and incredible food, it is the most popular vacation destination in Japan. It is also home to the largest number of people who live over 100 years old – said to be due to the amazing fruit, food and climate the island is home to.

This pack is full of snacks only exclusive to Okinawa. You won’t find these on the mainland or anywhere else in the world. Included is:

– Calbee Shikwasa & Salt Potato Chips

– Kit Kat Red Sweet Potato – 5 Pack

– Snow Salt Okinawan Cookie – 6 Pieces

– Camu Camu Pineapple

– Camu Camu Shikwasa

– Pinky Mint – Pineapple

– Puccho Shikwasa

– Okinawa Collon

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