About us

OyatsuCafe is the worlds favorite way to buy Japanese snacks & candy. We opened in 2012 with the aim of bringing the Japanese snack world abroad.

We began as a small home-based business, with customers only in the USA. Now some years on, we are a large team working from three offices in Japan and one in the UK. We ship packages all around the world every day and supply some of the leading U.S and U.K supermarkets with their Japanese snack supplies.

In 2014, our team opened OyatsuBox.com - a subscription service that sends the latest brands of snacks every month. OyatsuBox alone sends out thousands of packages each month to every corner of the world.

Whether you want to discover your new favorite Japanese treat, or just love anime or Japanese culture in general, OyatsuCafe has got you covered!


Social Media

We are active on on Twitter and Facebook so feel free to come and follow or like us. You can keep up with new products and read articles about Japan as well as seeing the pictures we take (we are big photo bugs!).


We also upload Japanese commercials and other videos related to our products to our YouTube channel.

Oyatsu Cafe Points

Oyatsu Cafe Points are a reward system that lets you gain discounts for repeat orders. After an order is placed and processed you will have several Points credited to your account. You can click the points button on the bottom of any page to redeem your points for gifts or vouchers.


Our Office Locations

How do you deliver?

Oyatsu Cafe is partners with Japan Post. Unlike other Japanese export companies who have to transport goods through Post Offices and trucks, our packages are picked up via Japan Post courier and brought straight to Narita Airport for shipment. That's why OyatsuCafe packages always arrive on time and ship within 48 hours.

Japan Post is one of the top postal services in the world, with a huge staff and an amazingly efficient system. To read more about our shipping methods and view the current rates, visit our Shipping information page by Clicking Here.

Can I contact you about ---?

We always love to hear from our customers. Whether it is product suggestions, pics of you enjoying your Oyatsu Cafe package or just questions about the site feel free to email us directly to staff@oyatsucafe.com.

We receive a large amount of emails a day but we will try to reply to you as soon as possible.