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  • Kit-Kat OyatsuBox

Kit-Kat OyatsuBox

  • $25.00

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A big part of Japanese snack culture is undoubtedly Kit-Kat. There are so many flavors and short-time limited editions. In this box you get 5 different flavors of Japanese Kit-Kat including region specific flavors and special styles only available from select stores in Japan. In total your delivery will have 36 individual bars and one bag of Kit-Kat bites.

Inside is:
1. Kit-Kat Green Tea (12 Pack)
2. Kit-Kat Ginger Tea (13 Pack)
3. Kit-Kat Luxury Special Assort Box (6 Pack)
This is a special "Gift" Edition. There is space to write a message on the back for gift-giving.
4. Kit-Kat Red Sweet Potato (5 Pack)
5. Kit-Kat Bites - Creamy Yogurt

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