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Chocolate & Biscuits

The Summer is here and temperatures are higher than normal. When ordering chocolate, be sure to refrigerate your items for at least an hour before opening. If the climate in your area is very hot, we recommend ordering with EMS shipping to avoid melting.

Anpanman Chocolate

Pretty Cure Cookies

Animal Crackers

Fujiya Umbrella - Strawberry

Fujiya Umbrella - Chocolate

Key Choco

Key Choco





Pocky - Dark Green Matcha

Japanese Money Chocolate

Pocky - Almond Crush

Black Thunder - Dark Matter

Meiji Apollo

Meiji Apollo


Pocky - Otona Chocolate

Doraemon Choco Puffs

Pokemon - Tohato Corn Puffs

Yaokin Carrot - Big Edition

Pocky Creamy Vanilla

King Choco Cookie

Hello Kitty Pocky - Strawberry

Choco Monaca

Choco Monaca


Animal Poo Choco

Ghana Milk Chocolate

DARS White Chocolate

Yan Yan Choco Dip

Crunky Kids

Crunky Kids


Lotte Choco Pie

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