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DIY Candy Kits

This section of Oyatsu Cafe is for the most unique and fun candy ever to come out of Japan, Kracie Candy Kits. The DIY candy kits listed below allow you to create and design your own candies, each with a specific theme. Each pack comes in wonderfully designed packaging with different colorful inlays and extras, great fun to make and collect!

The items shown below are from many different types of DIY candy kit available. There are Popin' Cookin', Happy Kitchen, Neru Neru Nerune and much more. Each style has a different theme like American style fast food, Japanese food or gummy candies!

WakuWaki Animal Cuties

Funni Syrup DIY

Choco Kinako Mochi

Neru Neru Nerune - Grape

Kracie Fun Festival DIY Kit

Choco Banana DIY Candy Kit

Tsureta Grape & Pineapple

Gummy Sushi Kit

DIY Sweet Candy Apple

Moko Moko Washing Machine

Tsureta Ramune & Pineapple

Kracie Takoyaki Candy Kit

Vegetable Shop DIY Candy Kit

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