Japanese Festival Stall Mascot
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  • Japanese Festival Stall Mascot

Japanese Festival Stall Mascot

  • Japanese Name 屋台ミニチュアマスコットBC
  • SKU: 6023
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  • $2.95

Amazing gachapon (capsule toys), each containing a Japanese Festival food stall. Each one looks just like the real thing, even down to the prints of food/drinks on the counter tops. 

There is a metal lanyard on the top of each one to attach to your backpack or phone. 

Comes in 1 of 5 different styles. If you order more than 1, we will include different styles.

1. Chocolate Banana  
2. Shaved ice  
3. Candy Apple 
4. Takoyaki
5. Yakisoba

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