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  • Japanese Classics

Japanese Classics

  • $30.00

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This is a one-time purchase and will ship within 48 hours. Delivery takes 2-4 weeks to most locations.

A box full of Japanese classics. Only the top-selling items from the past 5 decades are included inside.

Inside is:

  • Dagashi Pack (10 Packs of Dagashi Candy Inside inc. Umaibo)
  • Polinki Corn
  • Tohato Chocobi & Sticker
  • Calbee Chips - Original Flavor
  • Bikkuriman & Sticker
  • Ninja Meshi - Mountain Grape
  • Black Thunder Chocolate
  • Kabuki Senbei
  • Morinaga Ramune Candy
  • UHA Cream Soda Hard Candy
  • BONUS Gachapon with a keychain mascot from the Tonkatsu DJ anime series.

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