Delivery Information

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When ordering from Oyatsu Cafe there are 3 shipping methods available. We ship using Japan Post and the shipping price is determined by weight. Shipping is cheaper when ordering multiple items.

While shopping, you can check your shipping price on the cart page.

JAPAN POST SAL: 2 – 4 Weeks
JAPAN POST AIR: 1 – 2 Weeks
EMS: 3 – 6 Days (This is a private courier service and comes with insurance)

Please note that not all shipping methods are available to all countries.

“Fast Worldwide Delivery”

Delivery Rates

Shipping available via SAL, Airmail and EMS

Up to 100 grams$5.00
Up to 200 grams$5.80
Up to 300 grams$6.60
Up to 400 grams$7.40
Up to 600 grams$9.00
Up to 700 grams$9.80
Up to 800 grams$10.60
Up to 900 grams$11.40
Up to 1kg$12.20
Up to 1.1kg$13.00
Up to 1.2kg$13.80
Up to 1.3kg$14.60
Up to 1.5kg$16.20
Up to 1.6kg$17.00
Up to 1.7kg$17.80
Up to 1.8kg$18.60
Up to 1.9kg$19.40
Up to 2kg$20.20
Up to 100 grams$6.30
Up to 200 grams$7.70
Up to 300 grams$9.10
Up to 400 grams$10.50
Up to 500 grams$11.90
Up to 600 grams$13.30
Up to 700 grams$14.70
Up to 800 grams$16.10
Up to 900 grams$17.50
Up to 1kg$18.90
Up to 1.25kg$20.65
Up to 1.5kg$22.40
Up to 1.75kg$24.15
Up to 2kg$25.90
Up to 500 grams$24.00
Up to 600 grams$27.40
Up to 700 grams$30.80
Up to 800 grams$34.20
Up to 1kg$41.00
Up to 1.25kg$49.00
Up to 1.5kg$57.00
Up to 1.75kg$65.00
Up to 2.5kg$88.00
Up to 3kg$103.00
Up to 3.5kg$118.00
Up to 4kg$133.00
Up to 4.5kg$148.00
Up to 5kg$163.00
Up to 5.5kg$178.00
Up to 6kg$193.00

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