PriPara Gachapon Machine

PriPara Gachapon Machine


A mini Gachapon machine just like the real thing! The machine has a Kawaii design with characters from PriPara.The machine is filled with delicious JOO C candy that is released when you turn the "Gacha Gacha" lever.Measures approx 5cm x 5cm x 13.5cm
Pikachu Taste Evolve

Pikachu Taste Evolve


From Lotte, a refreshing candy that slowly "evolves" while eating it. These tough and chewy sweets change from Strawberry, then to melon and finally watermelon.
Ninja Meshi Cola

Ninja Meshi Cola


Ninja Meshi are brilliant Japanese candies featuring a Ninja dressed as a Japanese office worker (Salary-man) on the front of the pack. Each piece is tough on the outside, sweet and soft on the inside with an amazing chewy texture. This edition is cola flavored....
Kuppi Ramune (Big)

Kuppi Ramune (Big)


Kuppi Ramune are classic Japanese candies that have been popular for decades. These small traditional sweets normally come in small packages sold in Dagashi stores. This special big version comes in a handy dispenser bottle.
Pom Pom Purin Lolly - Pudding

Pom Pom Purin Lolly - Pudding

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Pom Pom Purin is the adorable Sanrio character who loved pudding! It is only fitting that his very own lolly is pudding flavored.  
Pachi Pachi Panic - Cola

Pachi Pachi Panic - Cola


Meisan's Pachi Pachi Panic is an exciting dagashi candy from Japan. Inside each pack is a mixture of sweet and sour tastes that fizz and pop in your mouth! A classic candy sold in Dagashi stores across Japan. This is the cola flavor version.
Sakumas Drops - OyatsuCafe

Sakumas Drops


Sakumas Drop are a hard candy from Japan made since the 1800s. Instantly recognizable, they are flavored with real fruit juice and are made in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. These old-fashioned and famous candies are delicious and come in a hard tin collectible case.
Pokemon Kari Poli - Psycho Soda & Fruit Ole - OyatsuCafe

Pokemon Kari Poli - Psycho Soda & Fruit Ole


These Pokemon XY Kari Poli Candies will make your mouth water! Perfect for any Pokemon fan, these are stick-type candies with a crunchy yet chewy texture and a Psycho Soda & Fruit Ole flavor (named after the items from the Pokemon Anime and Games). Every...
Poifull - Fruit - OyatsuCafe

Poifull - Fruit


Poifull are mouth-watering jelly bean candies that come in grape, apple, lemon and peach. This Japanese take on Jelly beans come in a cool resealable dispenser box filled with delicious candies.
Ninja Meshi - Ume Flavor - OyatsuCafe

Ninja Meshi - Ume Flavor


Ninja Meshi (Ninja Food) is a great tasting product from Japan with a very cool package featuring a modern looking Ninja. These are not like normal gummies, they are tough and full of flavor; made for ninjas!
Ninja Meshi - Energy Drink Flavor - Monster Hunter - OyatsuCafe

Ninja Meshi - Energy Drink Flavor - Monster Hunter


Ninja Meshi are classic Japanese candies featuring a Ninja on the front of the pack. This limited edition version has the Ninja dressed in armour. Released to promote the Japanese game, Monster Hunter; it is energy drink flavoured to give you a boost as you...
Morinaga Ramune Soda Candy - OyatsuCafe

Morinaga Ramune Soda Candy


This traditional Japanese soda bottle is filled with lots of yummy ramune candies! These melt-in-your-mouth treats taste just like real Japanese ramune soda and come from the hugey famous candy makers, Morinaga.
Lets Discover - Dagashi - OyatsuCafe

Lets Discover Dagashi


Dagashi is a type of traditional Japanese candy. At one point in time every town had its own Dagashi store selling many flavors and types of these candies. Lets Discover - Dagashi lets you try out 10 kinds of Dagashi. Included are: - Two Umaibo...
Koume Umeboshi Candy - OyatsuCafe

Koume Umeboshi Candy


A classic Japanese candy from Lotte. Koume Umeboshi Candy is delicious and unique! Umeboshi means "Pickled Plum" in English, this is a common ingredient in Japan and very popular for home dinners. This candy captures the taste of this classic Japanese food with a unique...



Konpeito, for those of you that dont know, are the oldest and most classic Japanese candy around. For hundreds of years, this delicately produced candy has been made and used for special occassions, enjoyed by citizens and nobility even today (This candy is still used...
Coris Cola Whistle Candy & Toy - OyatsuCafe

Coris Cola Whistle Candy & Toy


Each pack of Coris Whistle candy contains 8 cola flavored hard candies, that make a whistling noise when you blow through them. Each pack also contains a bonus prize toy!