Top 5 Unique Tokyo Restaurants

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Eating out is a great way to try new food, enjoy yourself and spend time with friends. But with today’s restaurants you will also get a side dish of adventure and new experiences! Tokyo is known for having lots of unique establishments, to say the least. In the city of 13 million people you will find more than enough restaurants. We have set off on a journey to find the most bizarre of them and compile them into a quick Top 5 list. Whether you are planning a future trip to Japan or simply want to learn more about the crazy adventures you can have in Tokyo, enjoy this article and share it with your friends.

5. Zauo


Fresh fish is key for Japanese cuisine and nowhere will your fish be fresher than here: Zauo, the restaurant where you can catch your own dinner. As soon as you enter the store you will notice the big fish tanks running through the whole store. Not only that, but there is even a wooden boat holding your tables above the water. Once you grab a seat you will get a fishing rod for free and can choose to buy some bait for a small price. Now the fun begins! Simply catch some delicious seafood and tell the waiter how you want it prepared: fried, cooked or raw. You can find Zauo either at their main branch in Shinjuku or in Shibuya, Meguro and Yokohama. Check out their website here.

4. Shooting Bar EA

Shooting Bar EA If fishing is too peaceful and boring for you, why not change the fishing rod for a gun at our next restaurant? Shooting Bar EA at the Kichijouji district in Tokyo allows you to fire air guns while sipping on delicious cocktails. Since the gun laws of Japan are extremely strict - especially when compared to the United States - you will not find any real guns at this shop. However, Shooting Bar EA does its best to give you an authentic experience, different gun models and noticeable recoil included. Check out their Japanese homepage to find their location and learn more about the menu.

3. Alcatraz ER

Alacatraz ER Restaurant Tokyo has a more than just unique restaurant for all fans of the Dark and Obscure: Alcatraz ER, a prison hospital themed restaurant. While you can also find a prison-themed restaurant called LockUp, this one adds a dark touch by combining a prison with a hospital theme. Alcatraz ER is not for the faint-hearted since the staff outdoes itself to create an eerie atmosphere. Your drinks will be served in severed heads and your food looks disgustingly similar to intestinal organs. Bon appetit! If you want to read more about their crazy menu take a look at their website.

2. Ninja Akasaka

Ninja Akasaka Who says you cannot combine a top-class restaurant with fun themes? Ninja Akasaka shows you how! You might have already guessed it, but this restaurant has a ninja theme and will surprise you with its convincing atmosphere. Before you can get to your table you have to walk through dark passages, guided by a “real” ninja (the whole staff is dressed in ninja attire). Once you finally make it to your luxurious seat, you can choose between meals like foie gras, caviar, fresh fish or delicious steak, all accompanied by wine and champagne. Ninja Akasaka is one of Tokyo’s top restaurants and definitely worth a try, especially since the staff is fluent in English. Learn more about their concept here.

1. Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant Last but not least we just had to include the most famous Tokyo restaurant of them all: Robot Restaurant. Robot Restaurant will offer you way more than just a meal. You will get an unforgettable performance filled with lights, music and most importantly, robots. It might be a little bit on the pricier side, but the 90 minute sci-fi show is definitely worth it. It combines traditional Japanese elements with futuristic techniques in a way that you can only find in Tokyo and even though you might not always be sure what’s going on, at the end of the night you will feel excited you’ve been there. If you want to see some footage or check out their schedule, head over to Robot Restaurant’s homepage.
Could we surprise you with some of today’s restaurants? All of them are certainly more than unique, but it needs to be mentioned that these establishments don’t rely on their premise. The food and drinks you will be served are up to Japanese standards and that is what makes these restaurants really unique. Watching robots fight, shooting air guns or enjoying ninja tricks all become more enjoyable if you also have a delicious meal on the side. Which of our recommendations is your favorite and what other unique restaurants have we forgotten about? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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