OyatsuBox Closer Look – September 2016

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SAMSUNG CSC Hello and welcome to a showcase of September's Premium OyatsuBox! As the seasons change so do the flavours and September's box took advantage of this middle ground of change by presenting a wide variety of snack styles, textures and flavours. SAMSUNG CSC UFO CHIPS These brand new corn chips are taking Japan by storm as they are flavoured just like the iconic UFO Yakisoba noodles!
SAMSUNG CSC PRETZ - CREAMY BUTTER Pocky's other half graced this month's box with a box of creamy and sweet buttery sticks.
SAMSUNG CSC MINTIA - CALPIS Mintia are Japan's "fashion mints" and are regularly endorsed by celebrities. This handy pack is perfect for your bag or even your pocket, and contrains 50 refreshing Calpis mints.
SAMSUNG CSC UMAI STRAWBERRY BITES Yaokin's classic Umaibo style potato puff bits with a delicious chocolate strawberry. These things are heaven in a bag!
SAMSUNG CSC NOM NOM SHERBERT - BANANA Freeze this pouch before eating for a refreshing banana sherbert ice cream! Perfect for those lingering Summer days.
SAMSUNG CSC CALBEE SAPPORO POTATO These classic chips are made with potatos from Sapporo, Hokkaido. They contain 7 different vegetables making them feel guilt free.
SAMSUNG CSC PETIT - CHUNICHI DRAGONS These Petit brand potato chips are in collaboration with Nagoya's Chunichi Dragons baseball team! The flavour is a victorious chicken wing, perfect for celebrating a win.
SAMSUNG CSC PUCHITTO "SHARI" RAMUNE These unique bubble and fish shaped candies can be played with as you tear the smaller pieces apart. This version is a very realistic ramune soda flavour
SAMSUNG CSC MONSTER HUNTER MESHI These energy drink candies feature the iconic business man mascot in a special Monster Hunter outfit and are perfect for sharing with your guild.
SAMSUNG CSC PINEAPPLE GUMMY These classic Dagashi gummies are chewy and touch! They look like small pineapple rings with a juicy flavour.
SAMSUNG CSC BIG BAR Z Making it's return after popularity from June's white chocolate edition, this puffed wheat snack is coated with delicious milk chocolate and is perfect for those with a big appetite.
SAMSUNG CSC SPLATOON GUMMY Are you a kid, or a squid? These orange and melon soda flavoured gummies are shaped like characters from Nintendo's smash hit Splatoon. Be careful of potential Octoling invasions.
SAMSUNG CSC Each month's OyatsuBox usually comes with a gachapon capsule toy, however this month subscribers were treated to a Pokemon MonColle Figure!   OYATSUBOX IS CHANGING! Be sure to check out this blog post for more details on changes to OyatsuBox, as well as all new boxes!

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