OyatsuBox Closer Look – October 2016

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Hello and welcome to a showcase of Ocotber's OyatsuBox! Since the recent changes this is the first of the new stand alone OyatsuBox and it was jam packed with amazing goodies to demonstrate what it has to offer SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC A new edition of Puccho for Winter 2016. Puccho is a soft and chewy candy infused with little hard-candy bits to create a unique and interesting texture. World Apple is flavored with the sweetest red apples in mind. This is a limited time product, and only available for a few months.   SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Umaibo is a long time favorite in Japan, featuring the cute mascot Umaemon. These puffed corn snacks come in many flavors and the name Umaibo literally means “delicious stick” in Japanese. Umaibo “Bites” are bite-sized pieces of Umaibo stick that come in only the most popular flavors. They are made by Yaokin, who primarily make cheap snacks aimed towards kids or folks on the go. These are flavored like Sugar Rusk, a Japanese food made from twice baked bread coated with sugar.   SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Sweet lemon with a sour center. This unique bubblegum is super-fun, expertly crafted and comes in a cool anime-inspired packaging.   SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC A special version of Fit’s gum featuring the iconic Slime character from Dragon Quest. Named “Slime Flavor”, it is packed with a tart and refreshing lime flavor. Package is designed on the back and front with scenes from Dragon Quest. Each of the 12 pieces of gum has a slime themed wrapper.   SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC A Japanese DIY Candy Kit where you make your own soft candies shaped like different fruits and vegetables. Then you can display them on a fun vegetable shop stand. Everything you need is included inside the pack and instructions are shown as graphics on the pack of the package.   SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Carl is a brand of potato chips sold in Japan for decades. Normally sold in regular flavors such as cheese, salt, curry. This new product is aimed at recapturing the Carl experience for an older generation. In a handy and easy to eat stick pack (like Calbee-Jagariko). Each crispy stick comes in a full-bodied 5 cheese flavor made with cheddar, gouda, parmesan, edam blue.   SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Soft and chewy grape candy in the shape of sea animals. Some pieces have different amounts of Ramune pieces inside, giving each piece a different strength of flavor ranging from 1(no Ramune pieces) to 3 (more than 2 Ramune bits). This candy is made by Kracie, Japan’s biggest make of DIY Candy Kits.   SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC Pizza flavored snack in two different shapes, the iconic Super Mario Star and Mushroom! To appeal to all generations, it comes in 1 of 5 different bag designs, each styled after a different time period in Mario’s history.   SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC The newest Kit-Kat flavor from Japan. An extravagant and luxurious Japanese Kit-Kat made from only the finest ingredients. It is inspired by Kit-Kat Moleson from Tokyo’s Kit Kat Chocolatory. The Nestle Chocolatory in downtown Tokyo makes luxury Kit-Kat flavors that are sold in small gift boxes. Carefully crafted with almond and raspberry to produce a truly inspired flavor. Each pack contains 15 individually wrapped Kit-Kats.   SAMSUNG CSC This month's OyatsuBox gacha capsule toy featured the pear mascot Funyassi in a fun series of figures with interchangeable body parts

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