Oyatsu Box Closer Look - June 2016

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Hello, and welcome to a showcase of the Premium June 2016 Oyatsu Box!This month's box was jam packed with fun and colourful goodies. There was character goods, the famous BOSS Coffee and the latest sensation known as Pop Zack (If you haven't seen the addictive Pop Zack commercial, be sure to check it out on the Oyatsu Cafe YouTube)   DON TACOS Japan made tortilla chips with a daring and authentic Taco flavour! Limited 2016 release.
  SAKUMA ICHIGO STICK Sakuma have made these strawberry milk treats for decades. Have fun trying their new handy stick style of packaging!
  POKEMON COLA CHEWS New cola flavoured soft candy, each one with a different Pokemon theme! Special edition package to promote the upcoming Pokemon Movie, Volcanion and the ingenious Magearna.
  SAMURAI SWORD CANDY Inside the June Oyatsu Box is 1 of 5 different Samurai Sword designs. Unsheath the sword to pop out dagashi style ramune candies!
  BLACK CURRY PUFFS Created bt Ginbisu, these delicate dough puffs are infused with black Japanese curry. Made with 15 kinds of spices!
  BIG BAR Z - WHITE Also by Ginbisu, this puffy and sweet stick is coated in a rich white milk chocolate. Made for big appetites!
  POP ZACK The newest trend in Japanese snacks! Butterscotch wheat puffs coated in rich milk chocolate.
  NYOKINYOKI KORORON (DIY KIT) Grow 3 different flavours of squiggly pill chaped candies in melon, pineapple and ramune soda.
  RAMUNE BLUE HAWAII Soda and pineapple flavours come rother to make these tasty tablet candies.
  HELLO KITTY SENBEI Bakauke senbei companies' newest match flavoured senbei crackers featuring the adorable Hello Kitty!
  GUDETAMA GUM Dagashi style bubble gum with an exclusive sticker seal featuring Sanrio's Gudetama!
  BOSS - RAINBOW MOUNTAIN BLEND Expertly crafted coffee blenced with sugars and milk. This is Japan's mose popular canned coffee, sold in vending machines and stores across the country. You can often find it being advertised by Western actor Tommy Lee!
  MONTHLY GACHA CAPSULE TOY This months gacha is a deco charm fron Nintendo's Splatoon! You can plug it in to any earphone jack for cute decoration and protection from dust Take a picture of your Squid in action and post it to your favourite Social Media with the hashtag #OyatsuBox for a chance to win a $30 gift voucher for OyatsuCafe.com   oyatsubox-dagashi-header

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