Oyatsu Box Closer Look - July 2016 (Dagashi Edition)

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Hello and welcome to a showcase of the Premium Oyatsu Box for July 2016! This months box was a special edition filled with dagashi. Dagashi are Japanese snacks that are reasonably priced so that children can buy them with their pocket money, and because of this the packaging is often bright and colorful in order to attract their attention. There was over 20 dagashi featured inside this Oyatsu Box, so let's get started!
  UMAIBO PIZZA FLAVOUR Long time Oyatsu Box subscribers will be familiar with Umaibo. This crunchy corn puff stick is one of the most famous dagashi ever!
  KUPPY RAMUNE Classic melt in the mouth ramune candies featuring the adorable Kuppy mascots.
  KING CHOCO Cute choco cookie in the shape of a Royal Crown with a gooey chocolate filling!
  PACHIPACHI PANIC - GRAPE The super famous candy that crackles in your mouth! This variety also features pieces of sour ramune candy for an extra kick. Note: "PachiPachi" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the crackle noise that this candy makes when you eat it!
  UMAIBO BAG - TAKOYAKI A new form of the famous Umaibo with a wonderful Japanese Takoyaki (octopus dumpling) taste. The pack featured both ring and cute octopus shapes.
  FRIED CHICKEN SENBEI American and Japanese taste collide in this lightly fried dagashi staple.
  NEW JUICE PACKS Simply dissolve each pack in to 120cc of cold water to enjoy a fruity drink. Perfect for Summer!
  BABYSTAR RAMEN Another famous name in the world of dagashi! Babystar are pieces of dried ramen with a rich chicken flavour.
  CANNED COFFEE CEREAL Unique cereal with the flavour of milky sweet canned coffee. You can eat these straight from the pack as a snack or as a regular cereal for a dagashi filled breakfast!
  KINAKI MOCHI Dagashi meets DIY with this pack of Japanese mochi. Empty the packets of mochi into the provided tray and chop them up before mixing in the kinako powder for an authentic and traditional taste of Japan.
  CRAYON SHIN-CHAN CHOCOBI - WATERMELON Summer invades Chocobi with this limited edition flavour of the famous dagashi! Each pack comes with 1 of 20 country themed Shin-chan sticker seals.
  POP OUT RAMUNE Cute little pop out ramune candies in a satisfying piece of packaging. These candies can be used to tell your fortune! Choose your subject from the front of the packet then pop out it's candy to reveal your fortune. X = Terrible luck △ = Medium luck ○ = Good luck ◎ = Very good luck!
  WASABI NORI TARO A cod roe base with a strong wasabi flavour and a hint of nori seaweed. Only for the brave!
  MARUKAWA BUBBLEGUM This delicious gum has been made and sold by Marukawa since 1948!
  PREMIUM UMAIBO This premium Umaibo has a rich flavour of Japanese steak with wasabi sauce.
  NERUNERU NERUNE - RAMUNE One of the very first DIY candy kits! This kit is still selling strong in dagashi stores today.
  SHERBET PERO COLA A dagashi staple seen around the world! Dip the lolly into the sherbet dip for a fizzy cola experience.
  MEIGUM - RAMUNE Soft and chewy ramune candy stick from Meigum. This refreshing flavour is a great Summer treat.
  PANCAKE CHOCO Snack size dorayaki pancakes with a thick layer of chocolate sauce.
  PHARMACY RAMUNE Capsule candies that parody classic Japanese medicine packets. These candies are popular with children who want to play doctor!
  GURU GURU MONJA Pour the noodles and powder into the provided bowl and fill with hot water to the first line. Mix it up and add the pack of croutons with nori to enjoy this delicious Babystar Monja. This instant Monja is still made and loved in dagashi stores across Japan!
  MONTHLY GACHA CAPSULE TOY This months gacha is a Pokemon can badge in promotion for the upcoming film. Many Mega Evolution designs were available along side popular mascots like Pikachu! With convention season in full swing, this badge would make a perfect addition to your passes and lanyards. Take a picture of your badge in action and post it to your favourite Social Media with the hashtag #OyatsuBox for a chance to win a $30 gift voucher for OyatsuCafe.com!   blog-august-drinks

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