Oyatsu Box Closer Look - August 2016

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Hello and welcome to a showcase of the August 2016 Oyatsu Box! This month's spotlight items were refreshing Summer time drinks. The box also featured festival food as well as many popular characters, plus a rather unique capsule toy.

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC POCARI SWEAT This powdered drink mix restores your bodies nutrients during hot weather Mix with 1.5l of still water, stir and chill for a refreshing taste
  SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC BLENDY MATCHA Delicious green tea in a handy pod Ready to be mixed with 150ml of iced water or milk, or pour on to shaved ice for a refreshing dessert
  SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC YAKISOBA These tasty noodles are often served up at Japanese Summer Festivals, this instant version let's you enjoy those delicious flavours in your own home
  SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC COUNTRY MA'AM Japan's most popular cookie graced this month's Oyatsu Box with a unique crispy style and mini size These cookies are packed with chocolate!
  SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC EDAMAME SNACK Edamame (salted pea) snacks in a wonderfully festive packet These are lightly roasted with the perfect taste of Japanese Summer
  SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC OSOMATSU GUMMY Muscat grape flavoured gummies featuring the ever popular Osomatsu These gummies were released to celebrate what would be the 80th birthday of Osomatsu creator Fujio Akatsuka
  SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC PIKACHU POPCORN Butter soy sauce popcorn and cute Pikachu shaped puffs in caramel This mix of sweet and savoury is a very unique snack and is a limited edition product for August in Japan
  SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC BALLOON FRUIT BUBBLEGUM This classic Japanese bubblegum comes in a handy dispenser pack with colourful writing and cute bubble ghost characters The flavours are blueberry and yogurt, but be careful as some are sour!
  SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC RILAKKUMA PRETZEL The famous relaxing bear brings you his favourite creamy honey butter pretzel sticks
  SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC POM POM PURIN LOLLY This unique pudding flavoured lollipop tastes just like Pom Pom Purin himself!
  SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC MONTHLY CAPSULE TOY This month's gachapon comes from Fuchiko Series 5 This pop culture icon is made to balance on the edge of your cup! Be sure to try her out when you're drinking your Pocari Sweat or Blendy Matcha Take a picture of your Fuchiko in action and post it to your favourite Social Media with the hashtag #OyatsuBox for a chance to win a $30 gift voucher for OyatsuCafe.com    


Next month's box features a Pokemon MonColle Figure! Don't miss your chance to sign up

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