Kabaya's Summer only candy

Posted by Addah Aquino on

One of the reasons Japanese Candy is so popular is that there are so many variations. New Candy is released weekly and only stick around for a while. Only the best are kept permanently.


One unique exception to this rule in Kabaya's Watermelon flavor gummies, they are only released during the Summer each year. The packaging gets updated, but the authentic flavor and chewy texture stays the same.


During the Summer in Japan, watermelon is sold and enjoyed as a tasty snack in the hot weather. Prices range from 20 dollars for standard watermelons up to 400 dollars for premium, square watermelons that are used as decoration before eating. The square versions are grown inside a box to keep their shape. In recent years, other shapes have been made like hearts, rectangles or even pyramid versions!


This is why many Japanese people associate the taste and aroma of watermelon with Summer and look forward to Kabaya's yearly release of their signature gummies. Each one looks like a real watermelon slice. If you want to pick up a pack for yourself, click the link below to purchase from Oyatsu Cafe. If you are an OyatsuBox subscriber, you get 20% off your order automatically.

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