Japan's craziest Gachapon

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Slowly inserting a coin, turning the crank, hearing the familiar sound of the capsule falling out - gachapon machines are a unique experience that made me fall in love with them the very first time I held a colorful toy in my hands. However, I am not the only one; Japanese gachapon is loved by both young and old, inside and outside of Japan. Gachapon might be better known as capsule toys abroad, but the meaning behind the Japanese word is defnitely worth knowing: gacha or gasha is the sound of the crank being turned and pon, of course, is what you hear when the colorful capsule falls out of the machine.   Normally, you would find all sorts of small knick-knacks inside the plastic capsules, ranging from simple toys to merchandise or even slightly more useful supplies. But as it is often the case with Japan, “normal” isn’t good enough. Today we want to show you some of the more unique items you can get out of a gachapon machine. Be ready for a small excursion into the crazy world of Japanese toys!
    Cat head scarf Did you ever worry about your cat’s ears being freezing cold? Or did you ever think to yourself that your old cat needs to look its age? No? Well, Japan still has a solution for these problems in form of our first crazy gachapon. This head scarf will make your cat stand out from all the other pets of the neighborhood. It comes in different colors and should fit all different head sizes. This advertisments tells you how cute your cat will look wearing the scarf and that is most likely the only effect this toy can achieve. Let's just hope your cat is as excited about it as you are.    Smartpants Those of you that have a more unique kind of humor might be interested in this item - underpants for your phone! This invention (if you want to call it one) is called Smartpants as a combination of the words smartphone and pantsu, the Japanese word for underpants. You may think of this item what you want, but you cannot deny that the producers put at least some thought into them. They perfectly fit your common smartphone, are always good as an icebreaker or a quick joke and they even come in eight trendy designs!   Tires Usually gachapon items are fun or at least useful, no matter what you get. This “toy” seems to be the exception to the rule. You might wonder what the function of this colorful tire is. Well, it turns out to be just that - a colorful silicon tire. Some Japanese people are crazy about how realistic these tires look and how they perfectly catch the atmosphere of school yards and local parks. If you want to bring childhood memories back to your desk, this toy might be something for you.   Bricks What could be even more fun than silicon tires, you may ask. Plastic bricks of course! These “fun” little toys come in slightly different shapes that you can collect and put together to form a wall. All bricks fit together perfectly and you even get a set of two in each gachapon capsule. Even better, they look “incredibly real” as the advertisement promises and might bring a little bit more charm and uniqueness to your office.   Garbage 1 Japan is crazy about recycling and the proper separation of waste products. Why not turn this affection into a toy?  With this gachapon, you can collect a whole assortment of different garbage cans. Even better, they come with mini-sized garbage bags that you can actually use to throw stuff away - as long as everything is small enough to fit inside, of course. This gachapon is actually a perfect addition to another one we have found: Garbage 2 These eight different piles of garbage are accessorized with small crows and mice. Why not take care of that mess and properly separate everything into your new garbage bins? You may also want to combine this toy with your silicon tires and the brick wall you have built in order to bring a little bit of backstreet alley atmosphere to your desk.
This is it for today; these were some of the craziest gachapon items you can find in Japan. Even though we might make fun of them and cannot understand why anyone would want to have toys like these, we still have to admit that they all have a special charm. Plus, they would make for a perfectly weird souvenir from an even weirder country. What’s the craziest item you got at gachapon and would you have fun with any of the ones we presented today? Let us know down below.

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