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Most of you readers are probably fans of Japanese sweets. But do you know the companies behind your favorite snacks? There are many food producers out there, but Japan’s snack market is dominated by a handful of companies. You might not be aware of it, but your favorite snacks probably come from the same company. That’s why we want to take the time and introduce you to five of the most important snack producers in Japan as well as their most popular products. Enjoy!


Pocky Let’s start this list with Glico, creator of one of the most famous Japanese snacks out there. We are, of course, talking about Pocky, the chocolate-covered biscuit sticks that have become famous through Japanese pop culture. Caplico, Pretz and Bisco, too, are Glico’s creations. But Glico doesn’t only succeed at sweet snacks - it also produces Cheeza and Cratz which are some of the most popular savory snacks in Japan. If you still aren’t convinced, then try a spoonful of Glico’s Pucchin Pudding and you will know the reason for their success.  


Kinoko no Yama Meiji has been around since 1917 and is thus one of the oldest food companies in Japan. Their lineup starts with milk products like yogurt, cheese, infant formula and ends with snacks like ice cream and chocolate. Some of your favorite sweets, like the Look Chocolate line as well as the adorable Kinoko no Yama (mushroom-shaped chocolate snacks), come from Meiji’s factories. With other snacks including dark chocolate bars and chocolate-covered almonds Meiji is definitely able to satisfy your sweet tooth.  


Calbee Not all snacks are sweet and that’s why we have included Calbee, one of the biggest savory snack manufacturers in Japan. If you have ever bought potato chips in Japan, chances are high that they were produced by Calbee. Both in traditional lightly salted form as well as combined with the flavor of pizza, Calbee chips are a success. Jagabee and Jagariko, the flavorful potato sticks in a cup, are also one of Calbee’s creations. All fans of cornflakes can enjoy Calbee even for breakfast. This company is definitely an all-rounder!  


Kracie Next up is Kracie which has become famous inside and outside of Japan with its DIY Candy Kits. That’s right; this company is nothing else than the inventor of Popin Cookin'. What started as a fun idea has become a hit product that now belongs to one of the most popular souvenirs from Japan. Even if you aren’t able to read Japanese, with the help of the instructions in image form anyone can build their own home-made snacks. Other famous products by Kracie include Nerunerunerune and Nerune’s Happy Kitchen.  


Morinaga Morinaga is a Japanese success story and with over 100 years of history one of the oldest companies in the Japanese snack food market. But what does this giant have to offer today? There are the famous Chocoballs, for example, with their adorable and well-known mascot Kyoro-chan. Your favorite chewy soft candy Hi-Chew also comes from the Morinaga house. And don’t forget about Dars, one of the most popular chocolate brands in Japan. This is just the beginning of Morinaga’s snack line-up and we are sure that this company will come up with even more successful products in the future.
Were you surprised by how many different snacks a single company can come up with? Japanese companies are known for their creativity and the sweets market is no exception. Snacks in Japan come in all shapes, flavors and sizes and there are more than enough different brands out there to satisfy your sugar cravings for a long time. Let us know what your favorite Japanese snack is in the comment section below. Also, you can try most of the snacks we have mentioned today in the OyatsuBox and on OyatsuCafe, so head on over there and get your taste of Japan today!

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