8 Unique Pocky Flavors

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You have probably already heard of Japan’s crazy variety of different Kit Kat versions. But did you know that Pocky as well has way more to offer than simple chocolate flavor? Today we want to highlight and introduce you to some of the different Pocky flavors found in Japanese supermarkets or even online. The basic idea behind this snack is simple: a crispy biscuit stick covered in milk chocolate. Pocky is great in its simplicity and has long since become popular enough to be known abroad. All ages and genders love Pocky; now it’s time to celebrate this snack by exploring some of its more unique flavors. Enjoy!
  Pocky Strawberry Japan loves strawberries, so it’s no wonder that almost every snack can be found in strawberry flavor. Pocky is no exception to the rule. This eye-catching pink version of the famous sweet combines the natural sweetness of strawberries with the distinct chocolate taste of Pocky sticks. A great snack for the summer!   Matcha This list wouldn’t be complete without Matcha, Japan’s beloved green tea. Once again, Japanese producers have succeeded at combining the slight bitterness of tea leaves with the sweetness of chocolate. Not only Japanese people, but foreigners as well cannot get enough of this special flavor. Right after Matcha flavored Kit Kat, Matcha Pocky is a top choice when it comes to souvenirs people bring home from their trip to Japan.    Pocky Almond Crush Let’s move on to a flavor that is outstanding in its simplicity. This Pocky stick combines the well-known chocolate coating with crushed almonds. What sets this version apart from the rest of the list isn’t necessarily the taste, but the difference in texture. Combined with the nutty almond flavor this Pocky version is hard to dislike - definitely try it out if you get the chance.   Choco Banana Chocolate coated bananas are a popular snack during Japanese festivals - now you can get this experience on a Pocky stick. The Choco Banana flavored snack comes in a cute packaging with a smiling monkey on its front and the sticks themselves resemble bananas with their bright yellow color. Even if you are not a fan of the taste, the looks alone should be enough to put a smile on your face.   Brazilian Pudding It’s no secret that Japanese people love pudding, so it comes as no surprise that you can find pudding flavored Pocky. Brazilian pudding consists of eggs, condensed milk and - most importantly - caramel which gives this Pocky flavor its unique taste. A great combination that many of you should be able to enjoy.   Pocky Mint This version stays true to Pocky's roots, but combines the original chocolate covering with the freshness of mint leaves. It is one of those flavors that you will either love or hate. The packaging describes this Pocky as having a “cooling” taste that you might enjoy during the hot days of summer. Fans of the famous After Eight chocolate thins will definitely like this one.   Fromage Combining cheese with cake turned out to be a great idea - why not combine cheese with Pocky? You have read correctly, these beautifully made Pocky sticks are covered with a mixture of white chocolate and cheese. It is named “Fromage”, after the French fromage frais, a heavy and delicious cream cheese. Bon appetit!   Kurogoma Last but not least we have a flavor that might be normal for Japanese people but more than unique for many foreigners. Black sesame seeds are a popular flavoring in Japan, especially for desserts. People who prefer sweet snacks might want to stay away from this one, since the sesame seeds give this Pocky version a unique bitter and almost burned flavor.
What is your favorite Pocky flavor and which ones would you like to try out? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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