About Oyatsu Cafe

About Us

Welcome to Oyatsu Cafe from me (Satoshi) and all of our staff! Whether you are a Japanese Snack Otaku or it's your first time exploring this world - we are very happy to have you here.

When you order with us, you become part of our community. You can enjoy our Oyatsu Points program, get our newsletter for coupons and free items, and explore the amazing world of Japanese snacks.

We love hearing from everyone. If you have any questions, feedback or just want to say hello - email us to sales@oyatsucafe.com. We will respond within 24 hours.

Our site launched in 2012 with just me. I ran the website through my home in Chiba, Japan - packing orders every morning and driving boxes to the local post-office. The first product ever sold was Koala No March - Chocolate and was sent to the U.S.A.

Since 2012, we have opened offices in 4 different locations. 3 in Japan and 1 in England.



Chiba is right next to Tokyo - a lot of people who live here travel into Tokyo every day to work. It is full of suburbs and beautiful parks.

The staff at this office are in charge of product curation and communication with Japanese companies. They also create our Social media posts.


Yokohama is a massive shipping port and home to lots of American sailors. It is very multi-cultural and has great places to eat!

All Oyatsu Cafe packages and Oyatsu Box deliveries are sent from this address. Our staff here work Monday-Friday normally, but also work Saturday and Sunday when preparing Oyatsu Box deliveries.


Okinawa is the Southern-most island of Japan. It has a tropical climate and stunning blue waters. There is also many unique snacks available on this island.

Our office in Okinawa is in charge of our website and logistic processes. They make sure you can get your Japanese snacks from anywhere in the world!


Derbyshire is a scenic and majestic part of England, with amazing parks and scenery.

If you order from our UK site, OyatsuCafe.co.uk - your order will ship from Derbyshire. Our staff here are in charge of sending orders and importing items from Japan to the UK.

We love Social Media and use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We would appreciate it if you can follow us.

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