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Dear Customer,
My name is Kenji, I am the new owner of Oyatsu Cafe.
I bought the company in December from Satoshi-san. Satoshi did a great job but he became overwhelmed with Oyatsu Cafe and other things going on in his life, so he has parted company with Oyatsu Cafe and I wish him luck in the future.
I know there have been issues with delivery times and also boxes not reaching you. As the new owner, I promise to fix all of these issues.
If you have not received your Oyatsu Box for December please email us at and we will arrange an immediate airmail replacement. This may be of differing items but it will be to the same value. I know some of you have emailed before and not had a resolution but I will personally make sure your email gets prompt and individual attention.
If you have not received your Oyatsu Box for January then these may still be trickling through the slow mail system. We are preparing replacements but please could you give us until the end of this month then again email us at and we will arrange an airmail replacement, fully tracked which will take 7-10 days.
Now some bad news. I want to be completely honest with you. I just discovered that the February box has not yet been sent out. I thought the stock had been ordered and the boxes dispatched on time but apparently not. I am going to fix this for you by shipping these out airmail, fully tracked and registered as soon as I received the missing stock which should be within 10 days. I therefore think the box should reach you by the second or third week of March.
Following on from this problem, I am going to cancel all subsciptions before you are rebilled on the 26th of Feb. To be clear I will cancel everyones subscriptions then ask you to resubscribe.
What this means is that we will not be making a March box and obviously you will not be charged for it. We plan to restart sending boxes from 1st April with a new system and website and offer you the opportunity to resubscribe at your current price but with airmail fully tracked at that time. Also we will allow you to pay and sign up at any point during the month and then boxes will be sent out on the 1st for everyone that paid in the previous calendar month. We will send out another email with a special page and link to resubscribe probably during the first half of March.
E.g if you resubscribe on the 15th March we will send out an airmail box on the 1st April.
We are doing this to resolve the issues with late and missing boxes so basically we do not compound the problem and try and ship another box. This is the best way to fix things for you our very valued customers.
If you are on a multi-month gift subscription then we will extend your gift by one month. These subscriptions will not be renewed. To keep things simple we will now offer just two choices. A monthly subscription to the all new Oyatsu Box sent via Airmail and tracked or a one time gift purchase.
We will also be suspending all sales from immediately while we work on a new improved website, organize our stock and put in place tracking and reporting of tracking info to you when you order
Thank you for your support and we hope to see you re-subscribe or shop again when the sites are back up and running.
Best Wishes & Thank you for bearing with us

We're currently setting up this new store. We expect it to be ready by the end of March. Please don't make any purchases! They will not be processed! Dismiss