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AGF Heart Tea - White & Yellow Peach - OyatsuCafe

AGF Heart Tea - White & Yel...

On Sale $2.49 Regular price $2.99

A delicate and refreshing Japanese Tea, made from choice Peaches and natural fruit juices. You can enjoy this tea hot or on-ice.This is a part of the Blendy Stick range. The tea is contained in a handy stick pouch, perfect for carrying around. Just add...
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Coris Cola Whistle Candy & Toy - OyatsuCafe

Coris Cola Whistle Candy & Toy

On Sale $0.89 Regular price $1.99

Each pack of Coris Whistle candy contains 8 cola flavored hard candies, that make a whistling noise when you blow through them. Each pack also contains a bonus prize toy!
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Lotte Koala No March - Chocolate - OyatsuCafe

Lotte Koala No March - Choc...

On Sale $1.69 Regular price $2.49

Koala no March Sweet Potato contains cute Koala shaped cookies with different expressions. Inside the cookie is delicious creamy chocolate.

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Lucky Box ($25.00 + Value) - OyatsuCafe

Lucky Box ($25.00 + Value)


OyatsuCafe presents Lucky Boxes! In Japan "Lucky Grab Bags" have a random assortment of a stores items for less than their normal price. You can also take part in this Japanese Tradition. You will receive 10+ snacks, with a value of over $25.00. An exciting mix of Japanese...
Umaibo Choco Bites - Strawberry

Umaibo Choco Bites - Strawb...


A classic Japanese snack, Umaibo Choco Bites combines Corn Puffs, Chocolate and strawberry flavor to produce a unique and delicious treat! The special recipe means this airy chocolate becomes creamy as you eat it.

Pinegummi Pineapple


Delicious and juicy Pineapple flavored gummy candy from Japan. Each pack has 5 pieces of candy in a hard plastic case.
BIG BAR Z - OyatsuCafe



A big and puffy bar packed with multiple layers of chocolate. BIG BAR Z has taken over the chocolate sections of stores all over Japan, popular for its amazing taste, crunch and value. Measures 20cm long!
U.F.O Scone

U.F.O Scone


Experience the unique and tasty flavor of U.F.O Yakisoba Noodles as Potato Puffs. Scone are hard and crunchy corn puffs made by Koikeya.  This is a limited edition collaboration between the two foods to promote U.F.O noodles 40th anniversary.
Splatoon Gummy

Splatoon Gummy


Splatoon themed gummy candy from Nintendo. Melon and Orange flavor pieces shaped like characters from the hit game.
Pocari Sweat Powder (1L)

Pocari Sweat Powder (1L)


Pocari Sweat is a Japanese drink designed to replinish your body after a day of exercise or after spending time in the sun. Delicious and healthy, it is now sold all over Asia. This is a handy powdered version of Pocari Sweat. Perfect for carrying...
Hi-Chew - Pineapple (Okinawa Exclusive)

Hi-Chew - Pineapple (Okinaw...


This is a Hi-Chew flavor only sold on the Japanese island of Okinawa. We have exported them specially for sale on Oyatsu Cafe. Chewy and mouth-watering, each sweet piece is bursting with Pineapple flavor. Pack includes 7 individually wrapped pieces.
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Hand Towel / Wall Scroll - Onigiri - OyatsuCafe

Hand Towel / Wall Scroll - ...

On Sale $4.99 Regular price $7.99

Traditional towel with images of different Onigiri (Rice Ball) styles. Made in Japan from soft cotton, it can be used as a hand towel, wall hanging or to wrap your bento box. Measures 95cm x 35cm, made in Japan.