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Oyatsu Box

Premium Japanese Snacks, Candies, Drinks and Capsule Toys.

Free Shipping. $25 per month.

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Dagashi Box

Dagashi Box

Dagashi candies, mini-snacks and DIY Candy Kits.

Free Shipping. $14 per month.

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Gacha Box

Get amazing Japanese capsule toys, Figurines, mascots and more.

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Buy Japanese Candy, Snacks and drinks at our store. Your delivery will ship within 48 hours (Monday to Friday). We accept Paypal and all major credit/debit cards.


Umaibo - Takoyaki
Kirby Flavor Mix Gum
Kabaya Watermelon Gummies


Okiko Ramen

Okiko Ramen


Blendy Cafe Au Lait (Decaf)

Menthol Challenge

Shin Chan Curry Senbei

Kirby Murukawa Gum

Anpanman Chocolate

Pretty Cure Cookies

Lemon Challenge

Pokemon Slot Machine